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This is the journey of a woman,
who re-embraces her essence.

Ever since a child I was attracted to shiny and sparkling objects; gems, jewels, silver, gold.
Luminous objects always give me a sense of infinity and remind me of how unique life is.
They cherish my soul since my early years.

Reyna Perfumery owned by my beloved father who is not with us anymore was the only retail perfume shop during the years 1975-1980.
I was five or six when I went to his shop in Nişantaşı on Saturdays and winter holidays.
Playing with the perfume bottles, blending and matching and pouring perfumes all over myself was my biggest joy back then.
Summer was even more exciting.
As a little girl, my biggest dream was to spend time in my father’s storehouse in Eminönü
where varieties of glittering beauty products, abundance of cosmetics as well as sprays, colognes and perfumes were on sale.
Each time I almost got lost in between the perfume bottles. It wasn’t enough to get lost,
I also carried back home all the bottles. Sometimes I was afraid to use up the perfumes so I found myself just staring at them.

In years the journey I made to my inner-self encouraged me to go after my dreams.
Finding the strength listening to the little girl inside me I found myself flashed back to my fathers place.

Together with these cherished memories what makes me enormously happy again 
is the revival of this perfumery through this scent to take its place in my life.